Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 6PM

Upper School (Grade 4-8)

Upon finishing the preschool program the learners are now fit to undertake advanced learning experience which also feature the same subjects as those in preschool program but the content of learning is a bit advanced and practical in some subjects like science and social studies.

Through our committed team of teachers, we use up-to-date resources from the Kenya Institute of Education to teach our pupils the curriculum while addressing the learning needs of individual pupils. At the beginning of every term, assessment methods are outlined through schemes of work and course outlines.

Every term, 3 major assessments are administered, with exams sourced from within or outside the school. Pupil’s performance is recorded in a report book and parents are encouraged to regularly discuss these outcomes at class meetings or consultation forums.

Robust Learning Experience

To provide a robust learning experience, we have incorporated relevant and emerging social issues into our curriculum, examples of these include: environmental conservation, health concerns such as drug abuse, gender issues, human rights, child rights, and social responsibility.

Similarly, our Life Skills syllabus has incorporated a thematic approach to teaching various social and moral skills. These themes are derived from situations that learners are likely to experience every day at Jacridge School.

We inspire and stimulate our pupils to excel in academics, develop their individual talents, and nurture their spirituality creating well-rounded pupils.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is of paramount importance at Jacridge School as it addresses the spiritual and social morals that govern our society. Every term, the department chooses a compelling theme and explores this topic throughout the term through enriching content and dynamic delivery.

Our learners lead and participate in weekly Christian devotion services on selected days during the week and every Sunday. We also involve our learners in activities that enlighten them on the plight of the less fortunate members of society and ways in which they can enrich the lives of community members.