Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 6PM

Kindergaten (3-6 Years)

Our kindergarten programs are taught in a safe, familiar environment children know and love. This makes learning more fun and effective. Our learners access individualized attention and a blend of learning & fun designed to make them lifelong learners.

Jacridge School Kindergaten provides a holistic education for children aged 2 ½ to 5 ½ years, with the provision of a wide range of learning experiences through well planned and prepared indoor and outdoor environments.

Why Jacridge School Kindergarten?

Our main goal at Jacridge School Kindergaten is to develop active learners who create and think critically through the day to day interaction with adults and other children in play, classroom learning, and exploration.

Our individualized and child-centered approaches to teaching ensure that our children develop a positive self-concept which in turn gives them confidence and allows an open-minded approach to learning, which ultimately will create independent self –driven lifelong learners who will contribute positively to the global community.

Child-Centered Approach

Our typical playgroup classroom environments offer a rich variety of play material. Although the classrooms often appear informal, they are a result of careful planning and structuring. Our teachers encourage curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Children spend the majority of their day involved in a variety of activities including art, block building, dramatic play, sorting and matching games, gardening and sensory activities, water/sand and large motor play.