Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 6PM

Curriculum Approach

Jacridge School offers the 2-6-6-3 education system and leads in ensuring that each learner achieves an optimized educational experience. Our academic program emphasizes the mastery of reading, writing, oral communication, math and the cognitive skills as well as the disciplines of science, history, social studies, music, art, and physical education.

On the spiritual side, we seek to help each student grow and develop in knowledge and appreciation of Christian principles, develop positive relationships with others, and improve confidence and self-esteem.

Our Commitment

In the Preparatory School, students take tests in English, Mathematics and Science at various stages. In addition, they undertake a major examination at the end of Year 8 called ‘Common Entrance’ to mark the transition to Secondary School at age 13+. Such testing allows us to monitor pupil standards and to track individual progression in learning.

Improved Learning

At Jacridge School, we follow strict curriculum guidelines whereby students study a range of subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History, Art, Physical Education, Music and ICT.